I have helped a wide cross-section of people.

Is This You?

I work with individuals, families and business owners, who recognize that a financial strategy is absolute necessary if they are going to achieve their goals and dreams. They also understand that the earlier they start planning and implementing the chosen strategy, the better their results.  My clients are people who don’t sit back and wait for a miracle, but take life seriously enough to engage a professional and start planning for various eventualities and to achieve Financial Independence.

I tend to work primarily with two groups of people:

  1. The parents of middle income families who own their home, have kids in school and are interested in making proactive steps to ensure the success of the family.
  2. The owners of small businesses who want to protect their interest and plan for the continuation and smooth transfer of their business interest.

I help clients who face these scenarios.  Are some of these statements true for you?

  • ” I am a 45 year old mother of three.  My husband and I would like to ensure that all our kids attend college.  How do I start saving for their education?’
  • ” My wife and I just bought a home and we have two small kids.  How can I ensure that my family don’t loose the property, should something happen to me?”
  • “I am a small business owner.  My partner and I have a Pizza Shop. How do I ensure that my business interest passes to my family, should the unexpected happen to me?”
  • ” I am a 50 year old immigrant from the Caribbean and I have a thriving dental practice, however I was unable to save money for retirement. What can I do now to catch up and have a comfortable retirement?”
  • “I am age 62, and  have been employed with the School Board of Philadelphia for over thirty years.  As I consider retirement, I am not sure how to move forward.  Should I take my benefits early or should I wait until I am 65?  What about my retirement account?”

These are some of the challenging questions that many people must address.

My Ideal Client

Clients will be most successful in working with me when:

  • You are motivated to achieve your goals and dreams.
  • You care about your family or business.
  • You understand the importance of having a strategy or plan in place.
  • You take action and provide the necessary information for me to do my work.
  • You are willing to invest in achieving your goals by implementing the chosen strategy.

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