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Welcome to Equis Financial - Helping Families Protect their Future.
18th January 2018

20th Street,

Camas, WA 98607

1 (360) 841 5187

About Us

Who are we:
Based in Washington State, with clients & team members in many other states.
After many years of trial and error we are finally emerging as a real business. Our mission has always been and still is to help families Protect, Grow and Transfer Wealth.

The journey  Started in 2009 in  Philadelphia Pennsylvania just after the Great Recession, by  helping Seniors understand how Medicare works and helping them shop the market  for Medicare Supplements to cover cost that Medicare did not.  The few clients that we managed to acquire were very happy with our service and the way we cared about their well-being.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients in 2009.


My Story

My formal training and main course of study was Pharmacy.  I graduated from the University of Guyana and worked for many years as a Registered Pharmacist, providing the invaluable service of pharmaceutical care to the Linden community of Guyana.

Besides many hours of dispensing and patient counseling, I was involved in several community outreach programs, designed to educate the public on diseases prevention and the management of some common chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

The disposition of caring, educating and helping people is what I bring to the financial services industry.  I was always committed to service and I am 110% committed to providing a high level of service to my clients in this industry.

Continuing Education:

To keep my license as an advisor, I am required to complete Continuing Education courses.  Following is a list of courses that I have completed.

  1. Financial Planning with Insurance – designed to offer an overview of the financial planning process and to show what the planner should consider when helping clients develop a sound financial plan.
  2. Equity Indexed Annuities – designed for professional insurance producers and advisors who give financial or retirement planning services to the consumer. Equity indexed annuities have become popular funding vehicles for the accumulation of funds on a tax-deferred basis for long-term needs. With interest crediting and accumulation linked to a market index, equity indexed annuities offer the potential for market-based returns while providing minimum guarantees that can protect the owner’s principal.
  3. Long Term Care: Programs, Policies and Partnership – offers a comprehensive look at long-term care, the options available for today’s consumers to discuss the long-term care need, and Pennsylvania’s Medicaid and Long-Term Care Partnership Program.
  4. Distribution Planning – presents a comprehensive, in-depth look at distribution planning for retirement and provides a clear understanding of the complex rules that govern distributions from qualified plans and IRAs. It provides a review of the basics of qualified employer plans, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs and then explains in detail the requirements that apply to premature distributions, required distributions, and distributions at death. The course explored various distribution options, including lump-sum, periodic withdrawals, and annuitization. The course also covered other distribution options (loans and hardship withdrawals) and explains the rules for rollovers and conversions. It also explores strategies for multi-generational wealth planning and distribution, including the use of life insurance trusts and stretch IRAs.

Our Expert Team

Our experts constantly evaluate the best ways to protect your assets and put your money to work. This is what sets us apart from the competition.


Orland Copeland

CEO and Board Member
Orland is a very knowledgeable and caring advisor, who has helped many families and business owners.  His clients are extremely happy with his advice and service.

Melanie Saunders

Client Services Manager

Bernard Crotty

Tax Advice

Louise O’Donnell

Financial Specialist