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I grew up in the mining town of Linden in Guyana. There bauxite mining was the main employer. However I just found a “gold” mine and wonder what you would do if you found one.  I don’t know about you, but I would start digging.  Well I want to share this “insider” public information with you.  Remember, the purpose of this site is to educate folks and help them reach their financial goals. So it is only fitting that I tell you about this new financial product called GoalMine , which is a simple and affordable way to advance your financial goals.

There is even an App for this, coming soon. “The mobile app links to a user’s bank account through the automated clearing house network. The smartphone software also uses location services to warn users when they get near a coffee shop — or another place where they may be spending more money than they realize. This alert serves as a reminder to the user that the same money could be better put toward a savings or investment goal.


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